Why Does My Cat... Not Crave Sweets?

Can I Give My Cat Any Sweet Treats?

Dr. Larsen recommends that treats make up no more than 10 percent of your pet's daily calories to avoid stomach upset.

“I have feline patients who love fresh corn, and others who like yogurt or lettuce ribs,” Dr. Weeth says. “If a cat eats too many of these extras, it can contribute to weight gain and obesity.”

And you should always consult with your vet before feeding your kitty any human foods because, as Dr. Weeth points out, foods containing onion or garlic can cause anemia in cats. Dr. Larsen warns against feeding grapes, raisins and chicken jerky to kitties, since “they can cause kidney disease in dogs, due to an unknown factor, and I would avoid feeding these to cats as well.”

Should your cat sneak off with a random morsel you're not sure about, you can check the ASPCA Animal Poison Control website.

If your kitty’s craving checks out as safe with your vet, and is consumed in moderation, she deserves an indulgence, too. “As anyone with cats will tell you," Dr. Weeth says, "there is no one perfect food or treat to make everyone happy.”

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