Why Does My Cat... Sit Down to Eat?

Cat Eating

Believe it or not, researchers have studied whether felines prefer feasting on rats over commercial food (you’ll get the answer to that shortly), but no one has ever thought to take a scientific look at why some cats prefer to sit while eating.

Chances are, it’s just a personal preference.

Sitting Versus Standing

A kitty who sits to eat probably just feels comfortable in that position, or he's keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground so he can quickly spring into action if necessary.

Felines who prefer to stand may do so because it allows them to make a quick getaway when a bossier cat shows up for dinner. Or perhaps it’s just easier to wedge their tongues into every nook and cranny of a food bowl while standing.

As for the cat who chooses to recline next to his bowl, he's probably just savoring that fine tuna aroma.

So what do you think your cat would do if given a choice between commercial fare and a rat?

Survey says ... he’ll turn up his nose at the rat.

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