Why This Vet Thinks FIV-Positive Cats Make Great Adoptees

4. An effective vaccine against FIV can be had. Though it’s considered controversial, some FIV-positive cat adopters do elect to vaccinate any FIV-negative housemates against the virus. If you want to know more, the AAFP offers some comprehensive info on this and other FIV management issues.

5. The future’s so bright. Since there are so few studies exploring drugs for the treatment of FIV-positives, we need more research if we’re to expect cats with this disease to live 100 percent normal lives. Nonetheless, there’s plenty of hope that we’ll get there in time. Maybe it’ll even happen during your next FIV-positive adoptee’s lifetime!

Those are all great reasons to take on an FIV-positive cat. But here’s the best one:

6. Every cat deserves a loving home. Every. Single. Cat. ’Nuff said.

So how about it? Did I convince you?


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