Why This Veterinarian Lets Her Pets Drink From the Toilet

4. I trust my pets’ noses over my own. Which only makes sense when you consider that precious few animal species poop where they eat. And knowing that a dog can positively identify the presence of a single drop of human blood in over a gallon of water, I’d tend to think they’d know better than to drink from a fecal-ridden source. Not that some dogs aren't above snacking in the litterbox or back yard, but that's another story. 5. It’s a good safety measure. Ever left the house thinking you’d be back in an hour only to return in five? It happens. At times like these, the toilet’s a great backup.

6. It’s your fault anyway. How can we blame them when we leave the lid lifted so invitingly? (On this last point I pointedly direct my comments to the MEN reading this.)

Ultimately, I can’t help but think we humans need to get over this irrational fear of toilet water. As in so many other examples where conventional wisdom deserves the occasional challenge, there’s nothing to fear but fear itself… and perhaps the scourge of an empty bowl of water.

So now that you know WHY I go where few dare follow, do you still think me grossly irresponsible for allowing my household to engage in such indecorous “bathroom behavior”?


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