Why Women Love Men Who Love Cats

4. He's Obviously Special

I think this goes for all cat lovers. It’s easy to love a pet who always acts like you’re the top of the food chain; it’s quite another to love a critter who thinks that the only good ideas are the ones that she came up with first.

5. He's Mature

Maybe it’s another way of articulating #1 and #3, but I think it’s something more than that. It takes maturity to be loved according to another creature’s terms.

6. He's Comfortable With His Masculinity

I hate that our culture thinks that cats are for she-men. So it stands to reason that men who are open about their fondness for cats — whether they keep them or not — tend to be pretty comfortable about themselves and, most obviously, with their own masculinity.

So next time I’m in L.A., Mr. Eisenberg, perhaps you’ll consider a date with a veterinarian who thinks crazy cat men are really sexy and definitely does house calls. If not, maybe you’ll at least consider adopting one of my two foster kittens.

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