Will the Sloth Steal the Show in “The Croods”?

It may include the voices of Hollywood A-listers Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and Nicolas Cage, but as far as we’re concerned, Belt the sloth is the most exciting star of the new animated movie The Croods.

Opening today, the DreamWorks movie features a family — the Croods — on a journey to a new world when the cave they live in is destroyed.

Belt plays the role of the “world’s first pet.” Like modern-day pets, the little sloth can’t talk — except to give his singsong expression of impending doom, “da da daaaaa!” (Trust us, it’s very cute in his little voice.) He belongs to the teenager Guy, who uses him for friendship — and to hold up his pants.

And Belt isn’t the only animal featured in the comedy. The crew encounters plenty of other creatures on their big adventure, including monkeys and a primitive-looking canine.

Check it out in the trailer below.


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