Wine and the Working Dog

Pearmund Cellars

At Pearmund Cellars Winery and Vineyard in Broad Run, Virginia, Tug, a 7-year-old Golden Retriever, has been the official greeter for 3 years. “Tug came to us with no training or discipline,” explains Chris Pearmund, winery owner and Tug’s dad. “After training him on basic dog rules, he adopted the winery as his job.”

Tug watches from the winery entrance as people exit their cars, then walks over to them with a wagging tail to say hi and ensure a welcoming environment. Then he walks patrons to the door and waits for the next car. If customers get by him without a proper greeting, Tug seeks them out inside the winery, bypassing those he has already greeted. “He never misses anyone,” notes Chris.

As for the customers’ reactions to Tug, “it’s just amazing,” says Chris. “His Facebook page is more active than mine! Customers want their picture taken with him, and kids ask to come visit our winery just to see him.”

Tug’s hard work certainly seems to have paid off. He was voted Best Wine Dog in Virginia last year!

White Mountain Winery

White Mountain Winery in North Conway, New Hampshire, is the domain of Doc and Lucy, official winery greeters. Doc, a 5-year-old Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull mix, was a shoe-in for the job, according to co-owner Bryon Gil. “He was our family pet before we opened the winery,” Bryon says. “So it was a no-brainer that he’d help out with the family business.” Lucy, a 2-year-old Whippet mix, came along as business grew.

Many of the winery’s customers are pleasantly surprised to find 2 feisty pups when they visit. “Now that our customers have gotten to know Doc and Lucy,” Bryon says, “they stop in just to say hi even if they are not there for wine.”

This article originally appeared in the Fall 2016 issue of HealthyPet magazine.

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