Woman Adopts Dying Dog and Brings Him on Adventures

When Nicole Elliot adopted Chester, she knew they wouldn’t have a lot of time together — and she wanted to spoil him rotten in his final days. The dog had been surrendered to a Georgia shelter with a large tumor on his head in April. Elliot brought Chester home on June 27, and started planning little adventures for him, including playing in a stream, eating a hot dog lunch and going on a shopping trip where he got a bed, toys and treats. She documents Chester’s fun times on his Facebook page. “He is just very sweet and he soaks up any love that you give him,” Elliot said. "He deserves it … His past life didn’t seem too well." She hopes Chester’s story will help inspire more people to adopt older and terminally ill shelter animals — something she plans to continue to do in the future. — Read it at ABC News

The before and after of Chester after being saved from deathrow at the pound in Columbus. I want to thank Animal Ark...

Posted by Chester's final journey on Sunday, June 28, 2015


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