Working Dog in Training Gets a Cool Break

It’s been a hot summer in Philadelphia — especially for residents who wear fur coats.

So, at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center, trainers have been combining their puppy pupils’ agility practice with something to help them cool down: a little swim.

The center, located at the University of Pennsylvania, has 16 dogs in its Puppy Foundation Training Program, which opened last year on Sept. 11. When the puppies graduate, they’ll serve the U.S. as detection dogs. (Check out our interview with Dr. Cynthia Otto, DVM, who oversees the center.)

All of the puppies in the program, which is privately funded, are named for dogs who worked at the sites of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

That includes 4-month-old Pacy, pictured above, who got to go for a dip on a 99-degree July day. The female Labrador Retriever is named in honor of a dog who deployed to the Pentagon following the 2001 attacks.


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