You Can Build Designer Furniture for Your Dog

Cat furniture has come a long way in the past few years, but sadly, dogs have been overlooked. Sure, you can share the sofa with Fido or make his crate comfy with a nice fluffy bed or pad, but doesn't man's best friend deserve better? The architects and designers behind Architecture for Dogs think so.

Each Architecture for Dogs piece is designed to "make dogs and their people happy." The aesthetically-pleasing pieces — which include unconventional dog houses, carriers and climbers — are created with the discerning dog in mind. Even better, though, is that each piece is imagined as a DIY project. Choose a piece of architecture, download the blueprints and build something beautiful for your dog — and yourself.

Blueprints can be downloaded at; follow the links to the architect of your choice to see specific projects. Your design-conscious dog will thank you.

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