You Can Finally Buy Mind-Reading Cat Ears

At long last Japanese company Neurowear unveiled their Necocomimi (mind-reading cat ears) at Comic Con. If this product rings a bell it might be because in March 2011, the company posted the video above on YouTube and it went viral, reports the L.A. Times. So what exactly are mind-reading cat ears and why all the hype? Small sensors in the ears figure out if you’re relaxed or concentrating on something. They perk up when you’re, say, taking a test, and the ears fold down if you’re vegging out in front of the TV. What if you’re both relaxed and concentrating on something? Necocomimi has that covered — if you're "in the zone," the ears will wiggle.

For a mere $99 the mind-reading ears (which are essentially a really expensive mood ring) can be yours and no one will ever have ask you how you're feeling again.


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