You'd Be Crazy Not to Love This Cat Person Scarf

cat scarf
Credit: ModCloth

The polar vortex might be gone (and good riddance!), but in many places, there's still a definite chill in the air. Fortunately, that makes fashion-forward infinity scarves, which look great even after you lose the overcoat, the perfect accessory. This Cat Person Scarf from ModCloth has it all (minus, you know, the actual cat hair that we all know completes an outfit — you'll have to provide your own). It's lightweight enough to keep you from getting overheated indoors, but the fabric will still provide a bit of extra warmth against the frigid outdoor air. The modern black kitty design is simple and elegant, and the mint color is sure to look dynamite against your wind-flushed cheeks.

What would you pair this wrap with?

Cat Person Scarf, $19.99 at ModCloth.

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