Young Squirrels Saved With Innovative Ladder

When homeowners in Washington, D.C., heard scratching coming from a hollow wooden porch column, they called Humane Wildlife Services for help. The team discovered two young squirrels in a nest at the bottom of the long column.

At first, they weren’t sure whether the squirrels were trapped or if they were still being fed by their mom. So they placed two paper towels over the entrance to the structure. They knew that if mom was still visiting her little ones there, the paper towels would be moved when they checked back — but they remained in place.

“We were concerned that maybe mom had left these guys and they just couldn’t figure out how to get out,” says the Humane Society’s Lori Thiele in the video below.

The rescuers used some screening to create a makeshift ladder for the squirrels, enabling them to get out of the tight space on their own. See what happened next.


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