Your Dog Will Be Tutu Cute This St. Paddy's Day

St. Patrick's Day Tutu

Is your pet feeling festive this weekend? Get her all decked out for St. Patrick's Day in a fun doggie tutu from Etsy seller TutuDoll. She'll be the belle of the ball (or parade or party) in this adorable, fluffy skirt. TutuDoll specializes in tutus for human children, but they offer a specially designed doggie version for your fur child. The St. Paddy's Day tutu is made from lime and emerald green tulle with a shamrock bow and a nonroll elastic waistband.

Even better, the tulle only goes halfway around your pooch's middle, to prevent tripping and mess. No saggy skirts for this puppy princess!

TutuDoll's dog skirt comes in sizes XXS-L, based on your dog's waist measurement, for the perfect fit. Custom sizes are also available for those hard-to-fit ballerina pups.

TutuDoll St. Patrick's Dog Tutu, $17.

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