YouTube Campaign Promotes Pet Ownership

A lonely guinea pig wants a turtle sibling so badly that he spends his solitary days pretending he is a turtle.

So goes the plotline in the latest installment of a YouTube video series promoting multiple pet ownership. The campaign, called Pets Add Life (PAL), comes from the American Pet Products Association. The goal of the videos is to drive increased adoption and responsible ownership of pets, according to the organization.

If the style of this adorable guinea pig video reminds you of another famous YouTube clip, you must really know your viral videos. The producer of this PAL clip is Andrew Grantham, who gave the Internet one of its most successful talking animal videos: "Ultimate Dog Tease." You know, the one where the man tortures his hungry dog with descriptions of all the tasty foods he ate out of the refrigerator — without sharing.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of PAL's YouTube campaign — four more videos are on the way!


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