Zebra Filly Graces Australian Zoo

Zebra filly born at the Monarto Zoo in Australia
Monarto Zoo

Who’s black-and-white with long legs and knobby knees? This beautiful baby zebra at Australia’s Monarto Zoo!

She made her entrance in dramatic fashion, exciting visitors when she was born on exhibit to mom, Kenya, and dad, Zambezi, on October 1.

"Kenya is aseasoned mother,” says zookeeper James Morrison, according to Zooborns.

“She's caring for her new baby well, with the filly looking healthy and strong.”

Zebras gestate for about a year, and mate all year-round. The filly is the pair’s third little one together.

Zooborns says the biggest threats to zebras are loss of habitat due to ranching, competition with livestock for water, and people who hunt them for their skins.

Below, you can get a peek at her trying out those long legs on a run with her mom and dad!

A zebra filly runs with her parents at the Monarto Zoo in Australia.
Monarto Zoo

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