Pet Scoop: Petey the Dog Surfaces 600 Miles From Home, Zoo Animals Smash Pumpkins

October 27, 2011: We've scoured the Web to find the best animal stories, videos and photos for you to chew on. And it's all right here in our daily dispatch.

Petey the Jack Russell Terrier
A Humane Society volunteer plans to drive Petey back home to Tennessee.

Missing Tennessee Dog Found in Michigan No one is sure how Petey the Jack Russell terrier wound up in a Michigan resident’s yard — 600 miles from his Tennessee home. But his owner, Jim Arrighi, is thrilled that he'll be reunited with his pal, who wandered away in July.

It’s the latest happy reunion credited to a microchip, and some kindhearted people. Arrighi thinks his wife of 37 years, who died two weeks ago, was looking out for Petey from above. "She knew how much I loved that dog and how much a comfort he was to me,” he told the Detroit Free Press. — Read it and watch the video at the Detroit Free Press

New York City Mayor Isn't on Board With a Possible Ban on Carriage Horses

It’s a scene that is as familiar in Manhattan as ice skaters twirling in front of Rockefeller Center: horse-drawn carriages. But days after one of the horses collapsed and died while on the job, there have been calls to ban the tradition. “I have no idea what goes through their minds,” New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said of the opponents. The horses are “well taken care of. And most of them wouldn’t be alive if they didn’t have a job.” — Read it at The New York Times

Euthanasia Rates Decline at Animal Welfare Organizations in North America

According to a new survey, the number of cats euthanized by welfare groups in the U.S. and Canada dropped 12 percent in the last year, while the number of euthanized dogs was down 3 percent. Meanwhile, cat adoptions increased by 5 percent and dog adoptions were up by 2 percent. — Read It at DMV360

Detroit Zoo Animals Get to Smash Some Pumpkins Polar bears, chimps, lions, and tigers . . . they’re all in store for a special Halloween surprise this week at the Detroit Zoo and many other zoos across the country: treat-filled pumpkins that are perfect for smashing — and noshing. — Watch it at USA Today

Rare White Wombat Rescued in Australia

A “very rare” white wombat was found dehydrated and exhausted near Ceduna, Australia. With some care from an experienced wildlife volunteer, Polar is now doing much better, and he will be used in future breeding programs. "I've been looking after wombats for nearly 40 years, and he's the third white one that's come into my care," said the rescuer. — Watch it at The Telegraph

Cat Stares Down a Mountain Lion — Through a Sliding Glass Door

This Colorado mountain lion was no match for Zeus the cat, who sat calmly when confronted with his much bigger adversary. His owner snapped photos of the mountain lion trying to take a swipe at the house cat from the back deck — but Zeus didn’t even flinch. — See it at WNDE

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