SAVED 9/11 Animal Planet Special: Animals Helping People Cope in the Aftermath of 9/11

Dalmatian dog
Animal Planet
Blaze the Dalmatian helped the Haskells deal with the deaths of two firefighter brothers, Timmy and Tommy.

There have been many stories about the search and rescue dogs of 9/11 but this special episode of the new Animal Planet series "SAVED," gives us a look into the lives of several people profoundly affected by the attacks ten years ago, and how some very special dogs helped them through.

Airing tonight, the "SAVED 9/11 Special," introduces viewers to two New York families with vastly different experiences. The first family, the Haskells, had three sons who were New York City firefighters. That fateful morning Timmy, Tommy and Kenny responded to the call but only Kenny came home. Kenny, his sister, Dawn, and their mother, Maureen, didn't think they could possibly bear the loss, but when Maureen brought Timmy's Dalmatian, Blaze, into her home, the dog helped them work through the pain.

The Woolverton family didn't lose a child to 9/11, but their 4-year-old daughter, Kate, was so traumatized from escaping to safety with her nanny on that day that she stopped speaking, and no specialist seemed to be able to help. Ultimately, it wasn't a doctor with a long list of credentials who brought Kate back, but a Yorkshire Terrier named Scout.

Don't miss "SAVED 9/11 Special" on Animal Planet, Wednesday, September 7, at 9 PM (ET/PT). Check local listings for other airing times. The ongoing series will feature animals helping their owners overcome drug addictions, children lost in battle and more.

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