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East Islip Animal Hospital has been serving the Long Island  communities  of Islip, East Islip, Islip Terrace, Central Islip and Bayshore for over 20 years. Our Veterinary Hospital provides top quality medical services, cat and dog boarding, pet grooming, wellness exams, preventative care,  vaccines, diagnostic services, spays, neuters, dental procedures as well as soft tissue surgeries.  Our friendly staff looks forward to knowing every client by name and treating you like family. We want to make you feel comfortable and at home each time you visit. Your pet's health is our top priority and that's why we provide high-quality professional care and genuine personal service.

We believe that preventive measures, from routine vaccinations and heartworm medication to regular dental care, are vital to your pet's well-being. Our recommendations are based on each individual pet, so please call for an appointment today so that we might be able to discuss your particular pet's needs.

Local Medical Issues

Many of our clients have asked about the threat of canine influenza to their dogs. Canine flu is a highly contagious respiratory virus with nearly all dogs that are exposed becoming infected within a few days after exposure. This disease is highly contagious, so dogs that are around other dogs(boarding, grooming, dog shows, dog parks and even contact with neighbors dogs) are at increased risk. About 80% of exposed dogs will go on to develop signs. Typical symptoms resemble those of kennel cough, a persistent cough (often accompanied by a nasal discharge). Some dogs go on to develop pneumonia and can become critically ill. A new vaccine is available that can help reduce this risk. Please schedule an appointment today with one of our veterinarians to discuss the emerging threat to your dog.

One little bite from a mosquito is annoying to us, but it could be devastating to your dog or cat. Mosquito's can transmit the parasite that causes heartworm disease, a serious and potentially fatal condition for dogs and cats. Heartworm infection has been found in all 50 states, so we strongly suggest that all dogs and cats, whether indoor or out, take monthly heartworm prevention.