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Metro Cat Hospital is a full service feline veterinary hospital, exclusively for cats which has served the communities of Brookline, Brighton, Allston, Kenmore and Jamaica Plain for over 20 years. Our Specialty Veterinary Hospital provides top quality medical services, cat boarding, wellness exams, preventative care including vaccines, diagnostic services, spays, neuters, dental procedures, and advanced specialty services.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Jeffrey Kaplan, is a graduate of Cornell University & Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. He is an active member of AAFP, MVMA, AVMA, & AAHA. Dr. Josh Gidlewski is a traveling specialist who offers abdominal and cardiac ultrasounds for our patients.  He received his DVM degree from the University of Georgia in 2001 and became a Diplomate of ACVIM/Cardiology in 2004.  Dr. David Abdinoor, is a VMD who performs orthopedic & varied other surgeries for us. As a veterinary practice dedicated to cats, we take pride in our exceptional knowledge of conditions particular to felines. Each of our doctors & every one of our staff members at Metro Cat Hospital believes in practicing the highest standard of medical care for our feline patients. We understand that cats are unique creatures with species-specific medical requirements. It is important to us as a medical & client service team to be well acquainted with each pet owner & their cat(s). Care is tailored to the individual patient to insure that each cat's personal needs or medical issues are addressed appropriately. We provide compassionate, personalized, & unparalleled client service for our pet owners. We want all of our pet people to be educated about their cats' condition & to feel involved in their cats' care.

Transport Tips For Cat Owners: Keep your carrier where your cat can investigate it and sleep in it. Top-loading, plastic carriers can be easier to place a struggling cat into. Use a small to medium size carrier so your cat doesn't slide around in it. Line the carrier with a blanket, sprinkle catnip or toss in a few treats & place your cat into it feet-first. Cover it with a towel if your cat is very nervous, then play soft music & talk soothingly to reassure your cat while you drive.

Local Medical Issues

Are you aware as a cat-owner that despite as many as 8,000 years of domestication, your charming little feline still harbors a "hide & adapt" instinct, dating back to the days when cats lived & travelled in "prides"? When cats lived like this, if one fell ill or was injured, it would hide and adapt until the physical problem interfered with normal functioning. They did this to keep from being driven out by other cats who might be fearful that they would spread infection or hold the pride behind. In today's modern age, cats continue to hold onto this instinct. They're quiet about pain or illness & their pet-owners often find it difficult to detect subtle changes that might indicate something is going on with them. As they age, we recommend bi-annual check-ups for this very reason. There are a variety of medical changes that can occur in the senior cat that are easily managed when caught early by preventative testing.