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Since the late '50s, our clinic has built a reputation for out dedication to your pet's health and happiness. We, along with the Inglewood and East Nashville Communities, have changed and grown over the years. We understand the special role pets play in our neighbors' families. We look forward to becoming a partner in your pet's healthcare. We treat your pets as we would our own. Our goal is to practice quality medicine with an emphasis on client education. Our Doctors and healthcare team are committed to providing personal attention to the concerns of each individual. We welcome your comments and suggestions!

Please feel free to explore our clinic's services and history by clicking on the links to the top. If you have any further questions,please contact us at (615)-262-0415 for all of your pet healthcare needs and questions. We are a full service companion animal hospital. It is our commitment to provide exemplary veterinary care throughout the life of your pet.

Our services and facilities are designed to assist in routine preventative care for young pets, early detection and treatment of diseases as your pet ages, and complete medical and surgical care as necessary during his or her lifetime.

Mobley Veterinary Clinic Services

  • Anesthesia
  • Bathing
  • Blood Transfusions
  • Boarding
  • Dental Care
  • Emergency and Critical Care
  • Grooming
  • Laboratory
  • Microchipping
  • Parasite Prevention and Control
  • Puppy and Kitten Care
  • Radiology (X-Rays)
  • Senior Care
  • Surgery
  • Ultrasound
  • Vaccinations
  • Wellness Exams

Mobley Veterinary Clinic Staff Profiles

Dr. Michael Brannom, DVM

Dr. Brannom has been a life-long resident of Madison, TN. In the Neely's Bend area, he grew up near multiple dairies and beef operations; and this is when his interest in veterinary medicine developed.

Dr. Brannom graduated from Auburn University in 1970 and lived in Knoxville one year after earning his degree. Dr. Brannom's experience with Mobley Clinic actually began in high school. He returned in 1971 and has been practicing here ever since. His particular interests lie in feline and senior veterinary medicine.

He and his wife of 45 years, Diane, have one daughter, Lorie, and one granddaughter, Stephanie. When Dr. Brannom is not working, he enjoys gardening, yard work, and spending time with his family, including his dog, Ellie B, and his cat Sterling.
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Dr. James Fullerton, DVM

Dr. Fullerton was born in the town of Arab, Alabama. He grew up on a small farm, where his family owned a variety of animals, including mules, cattle, dogs, chickens, and rabbits. As a child, he was constantly involved in their care, and saw many animals die due to tragedy and disease and wanted to do more. Going into veterinary medicine gave him that chance.

Dr. Fullerton graduated from Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1978. After graduating, he accepted a preceptorship at Mobley's Clinic and has now practiced here for 34 years. Dr. Fullerton is particularly interested in the surgical aspect of veterinary medicine, especially orthopedic and abdominal surgery.

He has been married to his wife, Anita, for 33 years. They have three children and three beautiful grandchildren. At home, he and his wife own two dogs: Rocky and Maggie, and two cats: Lucy and Pearl. Rocky is a little Papillon and Maggie is a mule hunting/pug mix. Lucy is a delicate little cutie and Pearl is a bruiser grey kitty. All four run the household now that Dr. Fullerton's children are grown.  Dr. Fullerton loves the outdoors, and when he is not working he enjoys hiking, exploring, biking, and taking photographs. He has been to many places in the US with his camera and hopes to explore even more in the future. 
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Dr. Summer Mobley, DVM

Dr. Mobley was born in 1951, and raised in the East Nashville/Madison area. His father, Dr. Ralph Mobley founded Mobley Veterinary Clinic in 1950. His father, mother, and family friend Sam Mitchell all parented him, spending much of his childhood at the clinic. As a teenager, he began working at the clinic before and after school and on weekends. When he began college, veterinary medicine was a natural path for him to follow.

Dr. Mobley attended Belmont University, MTSU, and UT Knoxville for pre-veterinary medicine courses. He graduated from UT Knoxville in 1974 with a BS in Agriculture. He was then accepted to Auburn University in 1974, and graduated in 1978 with a degree in Veterinary Medicine. He has been practicing at his father's clinic since then.

At home, he and his wife Mary have an Australian Cattle dog and a Border Collie. Being herding breeds, their favorite pass time is herding each other and futilely attempting to herd the birds, ducks, herons, geese, and squirrels that frequent their yard. He also has two gray stray cats, Lucky Kitty and Gray Kitty who have adopted him and apparently feel that their accommodations are satisfactory to their stray cat taste.

Outside of work, Dr. Mobley enjoys anything that involves the water. From April through October he enjoys the lake, water-skiing, boating, and simply watching the water flow. In the colder months of the year, he enjoys the Pensacola Beach area and the Caribbean when he is able to set and stay there. He took up guitar a few years ago and practices (but not necessarily plays) on a daily basis. As he has grown older, he enjoys reading and studying history more than ever before.
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