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Queen Village Animal Hospital is proud to have been serving the Camden, Vienna, Taberg, Williamstown, Florence, Parish, Cleveland and surrounding communities for over 30 years.

You'll be served by experienced, knowledgeable members of our staff that strive to make each visit a pleasureable experience for both you and your pet. Our veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and assistants are all trained to the highest standards. Their knowledge of the latest veterinary medicines and procedures ensures that all our patients get the very best in prevention and medical treatments. Our full-service hospital in Rome is happy to serve any pet patient that may need some extra TLC or surgical procedures that we cannot perform in our out-patient facility in Camden.

Local Medical Issues

Did you know that your pet could possibly pick up parasites, or get diseases that could affect the rest of your family? There are many zoonotic diseases we educate our clients about, including intestinal parasites, leptospirosis, rabies, and tick-borne diseases. Pets can be protected from most of these diseases with annual vaccinations and year-round parasite preventatives.

Intestinal parasites can be transmitted through contaminated soil and fecal matter. To protect your pets, they should be on year-round parasite prevention.

Heartworm disease effects both dogs and cats, and if left untreated could be fatal. Fortunately, we can easily prevent this terrible disease by keeping our loved ones on year-round parasite prevention.

All our recommendations are based on each individual pets needs. Let us evaluate your pet today�call for an appointment, and let us help you help your beloved pet.