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Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center is a full-service practice that strives to offer excellent care to our patients. We understand the uniqueness of each pet, and we are committed to working with each pet owner to help ensure his or her pet’s overall wellness. Our highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment are important to the care we provide, but that is only part of our story. You and your pet will be treated with care, compassion, and professionalism, which are critical to the friendship we hope to build with you. Call today to learn about our services or to schedule an appointment.

Raintree Pet Resort and Medical Center Services

  • Anesthesia
  • Bathing
  • Behavioral Medicine
  • Birds (Avian Medicine)
  • Boarding
  • Dental Care
  • Doggie Daycare
  • Emergency and Critical Care
  • Fully Stocked Pharmacy
  • Grooming
  • Hospice and Euthanasia Services
  • House Calls
  • Laboratory
  • Laser Therapy
  • Microchipping
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Pain Management
  • Parasite Prevention and Control
  • Pet Resort
  • Puppy and Kitten Care
  • Rabbits and Small Mammals
  • Radiology (X-Rays)
  • Reptiles
  • Senior Care
  • Surgery
  • Vaccinations
  • Wellness Exams

Raintree Pet Resort and Medical Center Staff Profiles

Dr. Benjamin Savard

Dr. Benjamin Savard grew up raising and breeding standard poodles, frequenting dog obedience shows, and even competing in showing competitions. He’s been drawn to the animal care world for as long as he can remember, and becoming a veterinarian has allowed him to take his passions to the next level!

Born in Wisconsin, Dr. Savard moved to Arizona before he was even a year old. Since the age of 12, he’s been working in the family business in every capacity imaginable. From 2000 to 2003, he attended Arizona State University’s pre-veterinary program, then attended Colorado State University to earn his DVM degree in 2007. After working in two Arizona animal hospitals, Dr. Savard returned to the family business and helped open Raintree Pet Resort’s very own Medical Center in 2013.

Dentistry work is Dr. Savard’s passion within veterinary medicine. Oral health is so impactful to an animal’s overall well-being, he says, and there’s something very satisfying about performing thorough dental care on a pet with a less-than-stellar mouth.

Dr. Savard and his wonderful wife Julia have four children: Elizabeth, Marie, Joshua, and Lucy. The family shares their home with Catalina, a one-year-old cat who attempts to stalk people from the middle of an open room but then races off upon realizing she’s been noticed.

Outside of veterinary medicine, Dr. Savard enjoys reading, playing the mandolin and guitar, skiing, and scuba diving.
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Julie Savard

Owner, Administrator
Julie never does anything without jumping in all the way and becoming the best—it’s simply in her nature. When she began breeding Standard Poodles, she couldn’t stop until she was a notch above what everyone else was doing! When she discovered that she didn’t feel entirely comfortable leaving her own pets at a kennel, she had a thought: why not open her own resort?

Julie grew up in Wisconsin with two older brothers and a silver toy poodle named Sherrie, which she suspects triggered her love of poodles and animal care. She had been working as a groomer at Raintree Pet Resort when the opportunity arose to purchase the business. In 1990, Julie and her husband Homer jumped at the chance to start a family business based around their love of pets.

Julie is especially proud of the fact that her family’s resort has become somewhat of a trendsetter at the national level. Raintree Pet Resort was Arizona’s first dual-accredited pet resort, receiving accolades from both the American Boarding Kennel Association and the American Grooming Shop Association. Within four months of opening, Raintree was fully accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. For Julie, creating a state-of-the-art, progressive, safe, and fun-filled cross between pet resort and medical center is the crowning achievement of her life.

Julie and Homer have seven grandchildren, which now keep them busier than ever. Although they don’t keep any dogs at home, Julie thoroughly enjoys her grandchildren’s cats. Needless to say, she and her husband Homer enjoy passing on their love of animals to the next generation! 
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Homer Savard

Homer and his wife were married in 1981, and their first Christmas gift was a silver toy poodle. Ever since then, Homer says their lives were overrun by poodles! It led to an intense passion for training and showing silver standard poodles, and Homer’s life hasn’t been the same. Since 1990, he’s owned Raintree Pet Resort alongside his wife, Julie.

Homer is mainly involved with the development side of the business, working on the layout, design, and financial models. When Homer and Julie decided to add a medical center to their existing facility, Homer spent over half of his working time for a whole year getting everything prepared. Of course, it was quite a challenge managing the remodeling while still running the resort, but Homer emerged victorious. In fact, he was so successful that he’s even led a few consulting projects to help others create pet resorts!

Homer’s success has inspired him to get his Real Estate License and earn his CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) designation. There are only about 9,000 other CCIMs worldwide!
At home, Homer and his wife have two adopted desert tortoises, Curly and Larry. They hibernate from November to April, so Homer affectionately calls them his “part-time” pets. The family also cares for Max, a female umbrella Cockatoo who has been entertaining the Savard’s clientele since 1996.

Homer’s always been interested in playing music; in fact, he’s been a semi-professional bluegrass musician for 35 years! He plays the banjo and mandolin, and his band even opened the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in 2001, opening the show in front of 10,000 people. He also likes fly fishing with his grandchildren and jumps at every opportunity to do so!
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