VCA All Our Pets Animal Hospital

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1413 60th Street
Sacramento, CA 95819

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(916) 452-2685


VCA All Our Pets Animal Hospital is located in East Sacramento, down the road from the "Fab Forties" and Sacramento State University. At VCA All Our Pets Animal Hospital, we strive to provide our clients and pets with the best of care. Focusing strongly on preventive health care, we work closely as a team to educate our clients on the importance of such wellness care as annual blood panels and heartworm/flea prevention. We also provide services such as surgery, dentistry, and radiography.

Because of our close proximity to our VCA 24-hour specialty hospital, we are able to ensure that your pets advanced medical needs will be met.

As an AAHA-accredited hospital, we undergo regular inspections to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of patient care, diagnostics, and record-keeping.

Local Medical Issues

In the Sacramento region, we experience warm summers and cool, wet winters, which are breeding grounds for parasites. These are some of the most common medical issues that can arise in your pets. Heartworms, fleas, and intestinal parasites are the most frequently diagnosed. Pets can be easily protected by using a monthly preventative year-round.

The Sacramento region is well known for allergy problems, which can affect both people and their pets. Many pets suffer from skin and ear allergies, the signs of which include scratching, redness in the ears, and " scaly" skin.