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Get head-to-toe pet care at VCA Animal Care Center for your dogs, cats and exotic pets!

We look forward to getting to know you and your pets. Our experienced staff aims to make personal connections with our clients so that we can address your pets' every need in a timely manner. Whether your pets require medical attention, surgery,grooming, or a night in our boarding facility, the dedicated members of our team will provide the highest level of care. Our caring veterinarians are awaiting your visit!

At VCA Animal Care Center, we want to offer our services to ensure your pets' long-term health. We would like to welcome you to our family! Please contact us about spaying or neutering, grooming or boarding, preventative care and medical attention for your dog, cat or exotic pet.

Local Medical Issues

Flea Problems?

Fleas can cause a number of health problems for your dog or cat, but one of the bigger ones is related to allergies. The technical name is dermatitis, but essentially it involves hypersensitivity to flea bites. Some pets, dogs and cats alike, simply are allergic to the chemical compounds that exist in flea saliva. Fleas have a number of things in their saliva that are designed to prevent blood from clotting while they are feeding off the animal. Your cat or dog may have a reaction to this, which makes it all the more important to get rid of the fleas that are causing the allergic reaction.

Ask our staff about products and techniques for flea control for your dog or cat today!