VCA Cabrera Animal Hospital

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6390 S.W. 8th Street
West Miami, FL 33144

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A Wealth of Veterinary Experience at Your Service!

At VCA Cabrera Animal Hospital, we look forward to welcoming you, your dog, cat and other pets. Everyone on our staff believes that the better we get to know your pets, the better we can provide them with the best possible health care. In fact, when you come in, you'll be treated as part of our family. You will also meet some of our furry family members that sit behind our reception desk welcoming you and your pets. We are always happy to answer all of your questions and concerns. A few days after visiting our hospital we will contact you to make sure your pet is well and to see if you have any questions for our staff. We want you to know that your pet's health is our top priority.

Our doctors and technicians regularly attend training and veterinary conferences in order to learn about the latest in veterinary medicines and procedures to offer your pets.

VCA Cabrera offers extended services such as orthopedic surgery, digital radiology, laser surgery, in-house ultrasounds, artificial inseminations, breeding assistance, nutritional health, endoscopy, microchipping, behavioral concerns, acupuncture, and holisitic medications.

We are anxiously awaiting to meet you and your pet. So give us a call and make an appointment today.

Local Medical Issues

There are numerous local medical issues that can impact your pet's health and that require your attention over the entire year. For example, there's heartworm, which can affect both cats and dogs. Because it's transmitted by mosquitoes, which thrive in South Florida, it's a serious cause for concern. And because the winter temperatures here do not get cold enough to kill mosquito eggs, it's a year-round risk. Fleas, ticks and intestinal parasites pose a huge problem and can even affect humans. Come in and visit us at VCA Cabrera so we can advise you on how to avoid these issues with your furry loved ones.