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We are now accepting all exotic patients! Contact us for more details!

Welcome all to VCA Laconia Animal Hospital where we take superior care of your best friend!  Our hospital services the Gilford, Laconia, Alton, Tilton, Gilmanton and Meredith area and beyond! Let us show you how we will meet and surpass your expectations of what a veterinary hospital should be. Our knowledgeable staff of caring and compassionate veterinarians will provide you their expertise in all fields of complete veterinary care.

Plus we have the backing of the full resources Veterinary Centers of America has to offer, with numerous specialists and a network of over 450 hospitals nationwide. We are a member of nationally recognized AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association), proud to have received some of the highest scores awarded.

All of us here at VCA Laconia Animal Hospital are pet owners ourselves, and we know in the past that sometimes bringing your animal to the hospital could be a stressful situation. We are here for you providing a relaxing atmosphere which really allows us to concentrate on you and your pet one on one. We promise to answer all your questions and meet all your needs. Dare we say you might even have fun at the veterinarian! Our friendly staff is ready and willing to make you a part of our family. We know you’ll be glad you came.

Local Medical Issues

Seeing worms on your pet is distressing to all pet owners. But for the one that you can see there thousands of possible adults and eggs that you cannot. One worm can make 100,000 eggs in a day, and these parasite eggs are in more places than you think. Using year-round intestinal parasite control with products such as Quadriguard and Paradyne is the key to keep your pet safe from worm infestation. Four pets in the Gilford/Laconia area alone were found positive for roundworms and hookworms in the month of March. The owners admitted they had lapsed in giving Quadriguard for a few months in the winter, but now realize the importance of year-round protection.

Just as important in our area is the increase in tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme disease, in both dogs and humans. You can protect your pet from this debilitating and even deadly disease by using Simpleguard. At fewer than 65 cents a day it is worth knowing your pet is safe and healthy from tick-borne diseases with the added bonus of eradicating flea infestations (and the multitude of health issues they bring, as well).

Please feel free to ask us how you can insure your pet is protected from worms, ticks and fleas—we’ll be happy to help!