VCA Main Street Animal Hospital

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2773 Main Street
San Diego, CA 92113

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(619) 232-7401


A Wealth of Veterinary Experience at Your Service!

Looking for the convenience of a vet hospital close to downtown San Diego? Our vet clinic is near downtown San Diego and Coronado Island, easily accessible from the 5 and 15, and has plenty of available parking. We’re even open on Sunday to provide the best possible care for your pet and look forward to welcoming you, your dog, and your cat.

Our services include comprehensive preventive wellness and sick care including early disease detection and vaccines, parasite control, internal medicine, spay & neuter, dentistry, digital x-rays, and orthopedic surgery. We carry a variety of pet food such as Hill's and Royal Canin Diets, and an assortment of treats for both cats and dogs.

We have a very close relationship with several local rescue groups and animal shelters including the City of San Diego SPCA, Animal Humane Society, Southern California German Shepherd Rescue, Baja Rescue and PAWS of Coronado. We are also the exclusive vets for the City of San Diego, National City and San Diego Unified School District Police Departments, along with treating K-9’s from CHP.

Ask us about CareClub, the comprehensive wellness plan with easy affordable monthly payments.

Everyone on our staff believes that the better we get to know you and your pets, the better we can provide the best possible health care for them. In fact, when you come in, you'll see exactly why our veterinarians are praised for their kind and thorough care. In every case, you'll be served by experienced, knowledgeable members of our staff.


Local Medical Issues

There are numerous local medical issues that can impact your pet's health and that require your attention over the entire year. For example, there's heartworm, which can affect both cats and dogs. And because it's transmitted by mosquitoes, which thrive in our region, it's a serious cause for concern. But since the winter temperatures here do not get cold enough to kill mosquito eggs, it's a year-round risk.

The same is true for flea and tick infestation and intestinal parasites, each of which poses a problem in any season. And finally, contrary to what you'd expect, allergies are a year-round issue. Many pets suffer from skin and ear allergies, the signs of which include scratching, redness in the ears, and "scaly" skin.