VCA Wilshire Animal Hospital

Is this your veterinarian?

2421 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90403

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(310) 828-4587


VCA Wilshire Animal Hospital has been a Santa Monica landmark serving a wide community of animal lovers who have trusted the care of their pets to us since 1932. Generations of veterinarians and staff have welcomed all species of animals, from dogs and cats to all breeds of birds, lizards, tortoises, guinea pigs and other exotics. We are open seven days a week for your convenience. Emergencies and walk-ins are welcome, but if you know your schedule, call ahead.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Frank Lavac, has extensive experience in avian medicine. We also have a board-certified feline specialist, Dr. James Schulke, at your service.

When you walk into our lobby, you will be pleased to find a friendly intimate environment where you and your pet will feel like family. In our hospital it is very common to see one of our nurses or doctors holding and rocking a pet wrapped in a warm blanket or sitting in one of our kennels, comforting a pet waking up from surgery. It's that kind of extra care that makes your pet's experience special and unique.

The staff and veterinarians at VCA Wilshire Animal Hospital pledge that your pets will always receive compassionate, gentle care as well as the highest quality medical services available. We also pledge to exceed your expectations with the best client service you can find anywhere.

Local Medical Issues

Fleas are a problem all year round in Southern California. When left untreated, fleas can cause serious skin conditions, hot spots and hair loss in your pet.

Watch out for foxtails in high grass. They can burrow into the skin, eyes and ears, causing infections and abscesses if left untreated.

Certain plants and food products are poisonous to dogs and cats. Lilies are deadly to cats. Grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs. Small mammals, turtles and reptiles require a specific diet and a controlled environment to thrive.

Come in and let us help you learn what products you need for your furry and scaly little friends.