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At VCA Worth Animal Hospital, we look forward to sharing in the general care for your pet, watching them grow, and providing the best medical treatment to ensure a long and happy life!

Our pet-friendly team members would love to share our knowledge of preventative medicine, dental care, weight management, parasite control, and general care. We provide medical services at the highest standards to your pet.

Local Medical Issues

It is important to focus on preventative care issues throughout the year. For example, heartworm can affect both dogs and cats and can be fatal. Keeping your pet on heartworm preventative year-round is important because mosquitoes can thrive even in cold weather.

Dental care is important for your pet's health since periodontal disease can lead to gum inflammation, tooth loss, infection, and even organ damage. Annual dental examinations and cleanings, regular brushing, and dental diets are encouraged.

We recommend keeping your cat or dog on flea and tick control year-round. Ticks can carry diseases, and flea infestations can be difficult to eliminate. Even if you keep your pet indoors, fleas and ticks can be carried inside the home on your clothing or by other pets. VCA Worth Animal Hospital carries flea and tick control that is effective, safe, and easy to apply.

Weight control is one of our main focuses. Obesity can lead to such health problems for your pet as joint disease and damage, cardiac disease, high blood pressure, lack of energy, and increased risk of respiratory disease. Our knowlegeable weight management consultant can guide you through proper diet, nutrition, and exercise, and even advise you on appetite suppressant. We also encourage our overweight patients to join in our "Biggest Loser" contests, which are held throughout the year.

New to our clinic! We offer high-tech services such as digital ultrasound and radiology, advanced surgical monitoring and aftercare, advanced dentistry and dental radiology, and many more services!