Vetstreet Newsflash: Friday, October 14

Dog fashion show

Strutting Their Stuff Dogs hit the catwalk in Florida this week, wearing haute couture created by area designers and hoping to raise $25,000 for charity. Some of the four-legged models were up for adoption from the Broward County Humane Society. -- See photos at the News Observer

Plus: They weren’t the only dogs playing dress-up. Poodles from across the U.K. competed in an extreme grooming competition, where the winner looked like a red dragon. -- See photos at Today

How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?

You won’t be wondering in Irvine, Calif., where animal activists celebrated a decision by the city council to ban the retail sale of dogs and cats. The ruling also bans rodeos and circuses from featuring some animals. -- Read it at the LA Times

Seal Pups Spotted in Seattle

A non-profit group in Seattle has seen 37 harbor seal pups relaxing on rocks and beaches in the last few weeks, topping last year's 33. When pups are spotted, the group, Seal Sitters, sets up a tape permitter to protect them from curious onlookers. -- See photos at Today and read the story at CBS News

Driving Distraction

A recent survey by AAA and Kurgo, a pet-travel product manufacturer, found that many people admitted their pets had distracted them while driving. The most common causes were petting an animal while on the road, or using their arms to restrain a pet while putting on the brakes. -- Read it at Fox Business

Your (Virtual) Pet Cat

Now you can get your fix on playing with a cat, even if you don’t have one in real life. A New York animal welfare group lets you play with cats who are up for adoption – from your computer. -- Watch video at the Chicago Tribune

Make No Mistake: Those Aren’t the Mayor’s Dogs

Yellow Labs Bonnie and Clyde were a gift to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg from his girlfriend. But, the mayor is apparently not a dog person. He told her the two could stay, as long as she would take care of them. He still corrects anyone who asks about his dogs, saying they’re “Diana’s dogs.” -- Read it at The New York Times

Cat couch potato

TV’s Most Lovable Pets From Stella on ‘Modern Family’ to the “designer dogs” who appear with the ‘Real Housewives,’ check out this gallery of furry TV stars. -- See photos at People Pets

Plus: This cat isn’t on TV – but he’s a big fan. Curled up in his chair, he’s a feline couch potato. -- Watch video at People Pets

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