Vetstreet Newsflash - Monday, October 10

Spoiled pug

Spending Spree Americans may be suffering due to the poor economy, but their pets sure aren’t feeling the pinch. With animal ownership at an all-time high, pet spending is expected to top $50 billion this year. — Read it at USA Today

Maternal Instinct

A cat in England who'd just given birth was rescued by a Good Samaritan after the feline was thrown from a car. Once Jolie the cat was treated, one of her caretakers took her back to where she was found — and Jolie helped him locate her kittens. — Read it at the Huffington Post

Give a Dog a Bone

The remains of three prehistoric dogs have been unearthed in the Czech Republic — and one of them had what researchers say was likely a mammoth bone in its mouth. Wouldn’t your dog like to sink its teeth into that? — Read it at Discovery News

Sausage Has a Taste for Rioting

Sausage the Riot Dog
Sausage, the protest pup of Athens

For years now, this mongrel, who lives on the streets of Athens, has been letting his feelings about Greece’s financial crisis show. Loukanikos — Greek for Sausage — is "a loveable dog, but he's a little bit hot-blooded," said the head of the city's stray animal service, which tags and feeds strays. Sausage jumps into the fray whenever there’s a demonstration and has no fear — even if stones are thrown. His starring role in the riots has turned him into a local celebrity. — Read it and watch the video at Reuters

Plus: Sausage isn’t the only animal protester making news these days. Hazelnut, a pet squirrel, has been a fixture (along with her owner) at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. — Read it at Metro

Balancing Act

Two black bear cubs are caught on video climbing into a hammock — and falling right off. — Watch the video at the Huffington Post

Get in the Game, Bo

Like most family dogs, the First Dog likes in on the action when the kids are playing outside. Bo, who turned 4 on Sunday, jumped into a soccer game during a clinic held at the White House by First Lady Michelle Obama. — Read it at Today, and see more Bo photos from People Pets

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