Vetstreet Newsflash - Monday, October 3

Dogs in a San Francisco park
Thanks to DogPAC, San Francisco's canine citizens now have a voice, too.

Something to Bark About Dog owners in San Francisco — where canines now outnumber kids — have formed a political action committee, DogPAC, to push the interests of man’s best friend. "We expect the dog vote to be a game-changer," said the group's president. And the city's candidates are taking DogPAC's members seriously. — Watch the video at USA Today,and read it at Fox News

Koalas Bellow to Show Their Size

They're known for being pretty lazy, but during the mating season, male koalas apparently have a lot to say. According to scientists, the marsupials holler to boast about their size and attract females. Larger koalas have the deepest calls, but even the smallest males can roar so loudly that they sound larger than a bison — an animal that's 100 times their size. — Read it at Science Daily

What’s Your Dog Trying to Say?

It's common knowledge that dogs can communicate with humans. But do they use their skills to try and tell us something we don’t know — Lassie-style? — Read it at Science 2.0

English Mastiff with a trash can on its head
The guilty party, Tank, can't really hide the evidence.

Not Exactly a Whodunit In a house with three dogs, it might be hard to figure out which potential culprit tipped over the trash can. This time, however, it looks like there's a clear-cut case against Tank, an English Mastiff who was caught wearing the lid like a collar. — Watch the video at the Huffington Post

Eye of the Tiger

Quadruplet Indochinese tigers, born on September 10, made their first appearance last week at a Berlin zoo. For their big introduction, the siblings posed in a wicker basket. — Read it at Today

Gone to the Dogs

The makers of Beneful dog food have devised a clever way to get the attention of their target audience: A European TV commercial for the brand includes a high-pitched sound that only canines can hear, like a dog whistle. So when your pup starts barking at the TV, you’ll know why. — Read it at AdWeek

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