Vetstreet Newsflash - Thursday, October 13

Girl with dog
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What Does That Bark Mean? Not sure what your dog is really trying to tell you? Ask a 10-year-old kid. A new study finds that preadolescents have a natural ability to decipher dog barks, which is in “sharp contrast” with previous research that showed young kids tended to misinterpret visual signals from canines. — Read it at Discovery News

The First Lady's Trip to Petco

First Lady Michelle Obama made a splash last month with an incognito excursion to Target. In an interview with Al Roker on Today, she confesses that Target isn’t the only place she shops on the sly. She also visited Petco — with Bo — and wasn’t recognized, even after talking to the cashier. — Read it at USA Today

Has Rally Squirrel’s Luck Run Out?

Although four squirrels have been caught at the St. Louis Cardinals’ Busch Stadium, officials say that “Rally Squirrel,” the team’s good luck charm during the playoffs, “could still be out there.” So there’s still hope for another trip around the bases. — Read it at Discovery News

Chimps in Ads May Harm Species’ Survival

The entertainment industry has long argued that seeing chimps in human settings makes us more sympathetic to them. "In fact, the opposite is true,” says a researcher, who found that people actually became less concerned about the risks chimpanzees face after viewing the animals in ads, which could hurt conservation efforts. — Read it at Science Daily

Parrot and dog
Max goes for a ride with Norman.

Bird’s Best Friend Max the parrot used to like confusing Norman the dog by calling his name and making him run around the house in search of his master. But, nowadays, the duo goes for afternoon strolls together, with Max perched behind Norman’s head. — Watch the video at Today

The Kardashian Sisters Take . . . a Snake

Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were recently spotted buying a reptile in Manhattan. “Ew, [it’s] not mine!” Khloe told a witness. So what would Kourtney want with a snake, anyway? It's hard to say, but here's hoping the reptile is ready for a life on reality TV. — Read it at Us Weekly

Cat Does Battle With a Blow-dryer

This adorable kitten, who was born blind, takes on the wind from a hair dryer with some impressive double punches. — Watch the video at the Huffington Post

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