Vetstreet Newsflash - Thursday, October 20

Jack Hanna
USA Today
Respected animal handler Jack Hanna was among the experts Ohio authorities called in to help with the exotic animals.

Lax Exotic Animal Laws in Ohio Questioned A day after dozens of animals from an Ohio farm were killed, residents and activists are asking how the owner — who apparently freed the animals before taking his own life — was allowed to keep creatures like lions and tigers in the first place. "It's a bit of a free-for-all in states like Ohio," the head of the Humane Society told USA Today. "These animals really fall into a kind of regulatory limbo.” — Read it at USA Today

Plus: Four veterinarians in Ohio and a well-known animal handler, Jack Hanna, were called upon to assist authorities with the animals. — Read it at DMV360

Police Dog Honored

Obi, a police dog who suffered a fractured skull during the riots in London this summer, was given an official award for his bravery. Now that he’s recovered, Obi is back on the beat. — See photos at Today

"Encouraging" New Estimates of Humpback Whales

A fresh data analysis shows an uptick in the number of endangered humpback whales in the North Pacific Ocean. When the study was completed in 2008, researchers estimated that there were 20,000 North Pacific humpbacks — but the revised report puts the number closer to 21,000 or more. — Read it at Science Daily

Patience of a Pup

This dog gently shows a pint-sized companion how to play fetch. — Watch it at People Pets

Talk About Nine Lives

Andrea the cat has a new lease on life after surviving two attempts to euthanize her at a Utah shelter. "She's not going to be put down, she's kind of a mascot for cats," said a city spokesman. — Read it at People Pets

Wisconsin's Bravest Rescue a Lab

In this case, the firefighters are the dog’s hero. Wisconsin firefighters gave a yellow Lab mouth-to-nose resuscitation after pulling the pup from a burning home. The home’s owner said 7-year-old Coda was recovering well. — Read it and see the photo at the Wausau Daily Herald

Courts Take Animal Cruelty Case Seriously

An Illinois woman was sentenced this week to more than two years in jail for the starving deaths of 30 animals at Muddy Paws, a grooming and boarding facility. “It is definitely a strong sentence for a case like that and it sends a strong message,” said the Humane Society’s director of animal cruelty issues. “I think the county should definitely be applauded.” — Read it at Patch

Sticking to It

Shifting to a (much) lighter note, this video will make you smile. A Red Fox Lab tries to figure out how he can keep gripping a stick twice his size while stuck between two trees. — Watch it at the Huffington Post

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