Vetstreet Newsflash - Thursday, October 6

Photographer Charlie Bird with a seal
A pair of seals cozy up to photojournalist Charlie Bird.

Cuddle Time Seals in Antarctica decided to make Irish photographer Charlie Bird one of their own. Two of the mammals amazed Bird when they waddled over to him — and then snuggled with Bird on the shore. “This is such an amazing experience . . . this is just wonderful,” the photojournalist says in a video that captures the special encounter. — Watch the video at WTOP

Monkeys Use Their Brains to Move Objects

Two monkeys participating in a study at Duke University used brain activity alone to move an avatar hand and identify the texture of objects, scientists said. — Read it at Science Daily

A Down Under Adoption

Actor Joey Lawrence paid $1,000 to adopt a black Labrador-Australian heeler mix while taping Melissa & Joey in Australia. "She was just the most amazing little thing ever," he said of his four-legged pal, who he named Tiffany. — Read it at People Pets

Baby cheetah
This Cheetah baby was born at a wildlife ranch in South Africa.

Baby Boom Eight Cheetah cubs, from two litters, were recently born at a ranch in South Africa. The birth of so many healthy cubs is considered a huge success for conservationists, since there are only a few thousand Cheetahs left in the wild. — Watch the video at USA Today

Running of the Bulls — In Arizona

Animal rights activists are outraged by an upcoming run with rodeo bulls that's taking place in Cave Creek, Ariz. “We are urging the public to exercise a little compassion and boycott the event,” said Delcianna Winders, a PETA activist. — Read it at The New York Times

They Want You to Take a Chance on Shelter Pets

A North Carolina shelter uses the popular ABBA song in a lip dub video that encourages potential owners to “take a chance” on its adoptable animals. It’ll make you smile. — Watch it on YouTube

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