Vetstreet Newsflash - Thursday, September 29

Great Dane and deer
CBS News

Best Friends Forever Buddies Kate and Pippin are inseparable — but these BFFs don’t have a lot in common. Kate is a Great Dane. And Pippin is a deer. “They really have a close bond,” says nature photographer Isabel Springet, who brought Pippin home three years ago when she found the injured fawn on her property. — Watch the video at CBS News

A Real Sheep . . . Dog

Here’s another strangely domesticated animal story for you. When Jack was just a little lamb, his owners decided to bring him inside because he was so small. They raised him with their Springer spaniel, Jessie, and not surprisingly, Jack now thinks he’s a dog. He walks on a leash, fetches sticks, and even tries to bark. (Shhh, just don’t tell Jack that he's really a sheep!) — See the photos at Today

Legendary Cross-Eyed Opossum Dies

Heidi, a media sensation who had more than 330,000 Facebook fans, “closed her eyes forever,” said a statement from the German zoo where she lived. The opossum, whose cross-eyed looks made her famous, was put to sleep after her health deteriorated. — Read it at CNN

Caught on Camera: A Fish Using a Tool

“For a fish, it's a pretty big deal," says the expert who shot this video of an orange-dotted tuskfish swimming with a clam in its mouth — until it spots a rock and uses it to crush the bivalve. “It requires a lot of forward thinking.” — Watch the video on YouTube, and read the story at Science Daily

Baby elephant

Baby Elephant Takes His First Steps Get ready to awww at this video of an elephant calf who tries to get around on wobbly knees. His mom, Umngani, gave birth to him earlier this week at the San Diego Zoo. — Watch the video at Paw Nation

Dogs Help Schools Deal With Bullies

A popular “No More Bullies” campaign is teaching kids compassion, responsibility, and self-control — with a little assistance from man’s best friend. It’s part of a growing trend of programs that utilize animals to get kids’ attention in the classroom. — Read it at USA Today

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