Vetstreet Newsflash - Tuesday, October 11

Oil is cleaned off a penguin in New Zealand
Getty Images
This penguin ended up covered in oil following a tanker spill in New Zealand last week.

Cleanup Time Penguins in New Zealand got help from some friends at a wildlife rehabilitation facility. The animals were coated in oil after a ship carrying 33 million gallons of fuel struck a reef. — See the photos at Today

Plus: Check out this video of penguins who are clearly not too happy with each other. — Watch it at Paw Nation

The Puppy Diaries

Who doesn’t love a good dog story? Jill Abramson, the executive editor of The New York Times, has a new book out about raising her Golden Retriever, Scout. "We came to understand that everything we do is more fun and interesting when Scout is by our side," Abramson told USA Today. — Watch the video and see the photos at USA Today

Vet Awarded a National Medal of Science

The University of Pennsylvania’s Ralph Brinster, who has spent the last 50 years studying reproductive physiology, became the first vet to receive the honor from the White House. Brinster was recognized for his research on the manipulation of the mammalian germ line. — Read it at DMV360

Moose stuck in a swimming pool

Taking a Backyard Dip

It took nine police officers and firefighters to pull an unhappy moose from a New Hampshire resident’s pool. Once they helped the wayward swimmer up the pool's stairs, it headed for the woods. — Watch the video at CNN

Puppy Mills Leave Emotional Scars

A new study shows that dogs who live in puppy mills suffer psychological damage that lasts long after they've found loving homes. Canines from puppy mills had higher levels of fear and phobia, as well as an increased sensitivity to touch. — Read it at USA Today

Unlikely Playmates

This fearless Chihuahua has met his complete opposite match: an imposing Mastiff, who is ready to play wrestle. — Watch the video at Today

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