Vetstreet Newsflash - Tuesday, September 13

Here’s a roundup of some of the more inspiring and eye-opening stories we've found on the web today including top picks from our own site.

Girl and Seizure Cat
Emma Stone and her cat, Kitty

Shelter Cat Surprises Family With Seizure-Alert Skills, Vetstreet

Radio producer Katie Stone had no idea that the pound kitty she adopted would one day save her daughter’s life. When Stone’s daughter, Emma, came down with a dangerously high fever and began to experience a seizure, Kitty sounded the alarm for the entire family by standing on Emma’s chest and letting out a barrage of come-here-right-now yowls.

Jack the Cat May Change the Way Airline Passengers Travel With Their Pets, Fox News

Despite American Airlines’ best efforts to locate Jack the cat after he went missing at JFK International Airport — the chagrined carrier even issued a pet Amber Alert — there’s still no sign of the wayward feline. The incident has understandably given many people second thoughts about flying with their pets, but other options are available — like Pet Airways, an animals-only airline dedicated to “pawsenger” satisfaction.

Courtroom Dogs Work to Soothe Traumatized Witnesses During Testimony, The Wall Street Journal

The calming power of “comfort dogs” is gaining acceptance in American courtrooms, a development some legal minds find disconcerting. Though dogs have been shown to help distressed witnesses deliver crucial testimony, trial lawyers worry that the sight of someone on the stand petting a Golden Retriever could influence jurors. Wouldn’t you be more likely to believe a witness who has earned a dog’s trust?

How to Teach Your Dog Mealtime Manners, Vetstreet

Does your dog practically pounce on you as you're preparing his dinner and then scarf down his kibble as soon as it hits the bowl? In this video, Vetstreet's own Mikkel Becker shows you how to introduce your inpatient pup to the fine art of impulse control come chow time.

A Slow Loris Gets Groomed in an Adorable New Video, I Can Has Cheezburger

Sure, a hairless Chinese Crested may be a rare sight at the groomer, but we bet you’ve never spotted one of these Southeast Asian primates getting a shampoo and blowout. Watch how this wide-eyed Slow Loris reacts to a gentle brushing in this cute video.

A Man’s Duck Goes With Him to the Pub, Daily Mail

Ever since Barrie Hayman rescued Star, the 11-week-old Indian Runner duckling has obsessively followed Hayman everywhere. Whether Hayman’s going to the supermarket or the pub or just watching rugby on the couch, Star is right by his side. According to Hayman, the duck’s habit of shadowing him came about naturally — and it’s certainly turned some heads. “You get a few shocked faces,” Hayman says, “walking into a shop with a duck following you.”

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