Vetstreet Newsflash - Wednesday, October 12

Baby pandas video
China's latest animal celebrities are getting plenty of camera time.

Panda Photo Shoot Last week, we introduced you to 12 pandas born in China. Well, it’s hard to get enough of them. Just like human babies, these bundles of joy are posing for photos and mugging for the video camera, so we can all remember their baby days. You can check in on the adorable pandas here. — Watch the video at the Huffington Post, and see photos at Today

Celebrating National Feral Cat Day

Ten years ago, Alley Cat Allies launched this day of education, celebration, and sterilization in an effort to put a spotlight on feral cat colonies and improve the lives of these free-spirited felines. As a result, “their present is far better than their past,” writes a USA Today columnist. — Read it at USA Today

Return to Sender

For some folks, it seems anything is expendable — even pets. Take Jason Dubin, who bought Emmi, a trained German shepherd, from a breeder in Washington state. After flying the $7,500 dog across the country to New York, Dubin decided he wasn’t happy with his online purchase, so he booked her a one-way ticket back to Seattle. — Read it at The New York Times

Soy Flour Found in Animal Feed is Recalled

Thousands of bags of soy flour, used to make some animal food products, are being recalled because of possible salmonella contamination. — Read it at DMV360

"A Wonderful Happy Ending"

A family in England who lost their cat six years ago decided to adopt a new one. When they looked at photos of felines who were up for adoption at a local shelter, they were stunned to stumble upon the pet they'd lost. “We are so pleased we were able to reunite them,” said the shelter’s manager. — Read it at the Daily Mail

Elephant at Munich Zoo

Poo at the Zoo The Munich Zoo has a new way to recycle: It’s using elephant dung to generate electricity. The power created by the dung, along with waste from other vegetarian residents of the zoo, is used to heat the gorilla enclosure. According to a zoo official, it also has the potential to heat about 25 residential homes. — Watch the video at CNN

Let’s Talk Turkey

A local news producer in Sacramento, Calif., heard about some bold wild turkeys who were chasing runners, so she grabbed her camera to check things out for herself — and quickly ended up in an unexpected turkey trot. — Watch it at Sacramento’s News 10

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