Vetstreet Newsflash - Wednesday, October 19

Dog playing fetch
This Jack Russell Terrier can entertain himself by playing fetch unassisted.

Cunning Pup Plays Ball — All By Himself Not up for a game of fetch? That’s not a problem for this rather clever Jack Russell Terrier, who drops a ball from the top of a set of stairs outside, runs down to catch it at the bottom of the steps, and then brings the ball back up to repeat the game. — Watch the video at People Pets

Exotic Animals Escape From a Farm in Ohio

Police cautioned residents near the 40-acre Muskingum County Animal Farm in Zanesville, Ohio, to stay indoors after the farm's owner was found dead, and fences and cages were left unsecured. It is believed that the owner released the animals before shooting himself. Bears and wolves were among the some 25 animals that were killed by officials — and dozens more were reported still on the loose as of Wednesday morning. The preserve was also home to lions, tigers, cheetahs, giraffes and camels. — Read it at MSNBC

Vets Announce Alternate Heartworm Treatment

Veterinarians at the University of Florida have found a way to surgically remove heartworm parasites from a dog’s heart and pulmonary veins in severe cases. The university's veterinary cardiologists say the surgical option, which involves using special instruments, will help vets deal with a current shortage of Immiticide, a drug used to treat heartworm infections. — Read it at DMV360

Beloved Bulldog Held for Ransom

A disabled woman in Washington state says that she's received texts from people claiming to have her dog — and they're demanding $1,000 and prescription drugs for his safe return. — Watch it at ABC News

Experts Say Albino Cyclops Shark Is the Real Deal

It sure doesn’t look authentic, but researchers say a shark with one eye in the middle of its head, who was cut from its mother’s belly by fishermen over the summer, is legit. Shark experts announced that the eye was made of functional optical tissue, but they also said it was unlikely that the creature would have survived outside the womb. — Read it at Fox News, and see photos at Live Science

Lab knocks over camera during proposal

Leave It to the Lab

When this guy got ready to pop the question on a hike with his girlfriend, he set up a camera to capture the special moment. Their Lab was pretty excited about the whole thing, too — and barreled into the lens, just as the man was putting the ring on his fiancée’s finger. — Watch it at Yahoo

Living to Tell About It

Did you catch last week’s viral video sensation of a teenage mountain biker who was pummeled by a 300-pound antelope? Luckily, South African Evan van der Spuy didn’t suffer serious injuries after he was thrown from his bike. “I actually had a bit of a laugh myself just out of (seeing) how enormous the animal was. (But) it was scary,” he told Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today show. — Watch it at Today

Sitting Pretty

The White House has released an official portrait of first dog Bo sitting beside First Lady Michelle Obama in the garden. For most of us, it would take all day to get a dog to sit still and look at the camera for a portrait. But not Bo. It was a “three-click shot,” said the first lady. — See the photo at Today

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