Vetstreet Newsflash – Wednesday, September 14

Here’s a roundup of some of the more interesting and inspiring stories we've found on the web today including top picks from our own site and a first look at just-bornzoo babies.

Why Your Vet May Prescribe a Round of Botox — and Even Viagra! — for Your Pet, Vetstreet

Little blue pills spilled out of bottle

Though most medications formulated for people can be hazardous to pets, vets do sometimes administer such drugs to animals. In this article, Dr. Marty Becker discusses unexpected veterinary uses for popular human medications — like Botox to treat canine eye conditions.

Adorable Red Panda Babies Debut at the Berlin Zoo, People

They may just be over a month old, but a pair of red pandas, named Kit and Kitty, is already a cult attraction at the Berlin Zoo. The native Himalayan twins — which bear a resemblance to, well, cuddly bears — are the sole living representatives of the Ailuridae family of mammals.

America’s 10 Best Pet-Friendly Hotels, USA Today

Road tripping with pets can be great fun — until it comes time to find an animal-loving place to spend the night. This article highlights the top 10 resorts and hotel chains in the country that accept pets. At these spots, cats and dogs are not only welcome, they're often lavished with pet-centric amenities.

Get Your Dog Ready for an Autumn Road Trip, Vetstreet

If you do plan to slumber in a pet-approved hotel this fall, you’ll need to prepare your furry travel companion for the trip. To get you started, here’s a handy Vetstreet travel gear checklist, which includes advice on combating canine carsickness before you hit the road.

U.S. Military Plans to Increase Canine Troop Levels, Digital Journal

Over the next two years, the American military intends to up the number of active dogs stationed in combat zones around the world. Military Working Dogs, or MWDs, have played an increasingly important role in reconnaissance, checkpoint, tracking, IED detection and other military operations. However, experts note that dogs are suseptible to the same war-induced conditions that often affect humans, including post traumatic stress disorder.

A Pug Hides Amid a Pack of Pug-like Toys in a New Video, People Pets

One of these pugs is not like the others. Watch this video to see if you can spot the genuine pup snuggled within a sea of stuffed animals.

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