Vetstreet Newsflash - Wednesday, September 28

Baby pandas in a crib in China
Getty Images

Snuggly Pandas At a breeding center in China, two dozen baby pandas curl up to take a nap in a crib. Don’t you just wish that you could take one home? — Read it at the Huffington Post

Rare Two-Faced Cat Sets a Record

A cat named Frank and Louie isn't the least bit insincere — he has diprosopia, a rare congenital condition that causes his face to duplicate on his head. The cat turned 12 this month, earning him the record for the "longest surviving Janus cat” in the Guinness Book of World Records. The term Janus cat comes from the name of a two-faced Roman god. — Read it at Today

A Lion Mother’s Love

In a series of must-see dramatic photos, a lioness looks around helplessly after her cub falls into a ravine. Other members of her pride come to help, but they decide it’s too steep to intervene. The mama lion then decides to take the risk, climbing down to successfully rescue her cub. — See the photos at Today

Mango the Pomeranian Makes a Run for It

Mango the Pomeranian
The very lucky Mango

We've all had that moment when we thought that hoofing it on foot might just be faster than sitting in traffic. Maybe that’s what Mango was thinking when the Pomeranian escaped from her owner’s car on a freeway in Portland, Ore. Mango darted all over the road, snarling traffic as people jumped out of their cars to catch her. Thankfully, this car caper has a happy ending: Mango was safely corralled. — Watch the video at the Washington Post

Cat Adopted After Spending 8 Years in a Shelter

Duchess was such a veteran of an Illinois shelter that, according to a volunteer, "she had the right to walk around the cat room at night." After watching other animals come and go since 2003, the 12-year-old, fluffy feline finally has a new home. — Read it at People Pets

Helping Hands

The tough economy has left many pet owners struggling, and more and more pet food pantries are popping up, where volunteers work hard to get food distributed to crowded shelters. — Read it at USA Today

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