Yvonne, Germany's Runaway Cow

You might see the occasional sign for a lost dog or cat in your neighborhood, but a missing cow? That's unusual. But for Yvonne, a 6-year-old runaway dairy cow from the Bavarian commune of Zangberg, there's no need for a sign — she has loads of publicity, including her own Facebook page.

The clever cow escaped her electric fence enclosure on May 24, just before she was scheduled to be slaughtered, reports NPR, and has since baffled everyone who's tried to recapture her, including police (although she was nearly hit by a police car at one point) and a beagle hunting dog. Since her adventure began, she's eluded food traps andcompanion cows.Now officials are bringing in a male ox to woo her back to civilization, while Gut Aiderbichl, founder of a local animal sanctuary, has asked an animal psychic for help.

Assuming she's captured, Yvonne's fate remains unclear. Aiderbichl has offered to pay Yvonne's owners 600 euros ($867) and give her land on which to graze. The tabloid Bild has offered a 10,000 euro ($14,451) reward for Yvonne's safe return. Police originally gave hunters permission to shoot the misplaced cow on sight, although, according to the Associated Press, that's been revoked. Besides, Zangberg Mayor Franz Märkl doubts anyone would dare shoot the village's most famous resident at this point, according to German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

One thing is certain, as long as Yvonne continues to roam, she's bringing plenty of PR to her tiny village and is the envy of freedom-craving bovines around the world.

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