November 2, 2011: We’ve scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it’s all right here.

Minnesota puppy mill investigation

Minnesota News Team Uncovers a Huge Illegal Breeding Operation

In a disturbing investigative report, a CBS affiliate in Minnesota discovered that the woman who ran the state’s largest puppy mill continued to sell hundreds of puppies illegally — after she was found guilty of animal cruelty. Following Kathy Bauck’s 2008 conviction, the USDA terminated her license for two years. But they didn’t take away her dogs. WCCO’s I-Team found that she continued selling wholesale canines, who had parasites, deformities and behavioral problems due to the trauma they endured. — Read it and watch the video at WCCO

Extra: Vetstreet contributing veterinarian Dr. Nancy Kay follows the heartbreaking story of a young dog named Chloe from puppy mill to pet store. — Read it at Vetstreet

Lily and Maddison

Blind Great Dane and Her Seeing Eye Dog Find a Home

In much happier news, Lily and Maddison, the blind Great Dane and her loyal guide dog who we told you about recently, have found a home. The U.K. shelter where the pair was living got more than 2,000 phone calls from people offering to adopt them. Dogs Trust decided that a couple who live in the countryside would be the perfect match. “This is the perfect ending we were all hoping for,” said the trust’s manager. — Read it at the Daily Mail

Plus: Hundreds of people in the U.S. have offered to adopt Daniel, the “miracle” Beagle mix who beat the odds and survived a trip to an Alabama gas chamber. — Read it at Fox News

Columbus Zoo Spares No Expense on the Six Surviving Zanesville Exotics

It’s rare for a zoo to take in six new animals, but the Columbus Zoo’s vice president of community relations said it had to be done. “We can absorb the costs,” he told USA Today. “Our budget is large.” The zoo, which already cares for 9,000 animals, has also received thousands of dollars in donations. — Read it at USA Today

Los Angeles Gives Its Barking Ordinance More Monetary Bite

The L.A. city council voted unanimously to fine owners whose dogs bark excessively — and the tickets are pretty steep. A first offense comes with a hefty $250 fine; third-time offenders will have to shell out $1,000. If a dog barks for 10 minutes or more, or on and off for 30 minutes within a 3-hour span, it’s considered excessive. — Read it at the LA Times

World Cat Show

Poland Hosts a World Cat Show

We know dogs like to show off in the arena. But what about cats? Nearly 1,500 felines have been trying to purr their way to a “world winner” title at the world’s largest cat show in Poznan. — Watch it at USA Today

Radical Surgery Technique Lengthens a Great Dane’s Leg

A veterinary orthopedic surgeon recently retried a method first tested 20 years ago to lengthen the leg of a Great Dane puppy named Cooper. The process involved using a device that facilitates bone growth, followed by corrective surgery. And the results have been outstanding: Cooper’s leg has grown about 3 inches over several months. — Read it at DMV360

Pet Boarding Sure Isn’t What It Used to Be

Over the past decade, in-house care and pet-only resorts have become much more common across the country. You can now leave your furry loved one in the comfort of someone else’s home or a luxury suite at a doggie hotel — bed, web cam and all. — Read it at Today

A Lucky Cat Is Rescued From a Burning Home

Lucky the cat lived up to its name when firefighters plucked the feline from a house that was ablaze in Middletown, Va. — See the photos at Today