November 30, 2011: We’ve scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it’s all right here.

Zebras Roam Through a Virginia Neighborhood

Homeowners in Leesburg, Va., were surprised to see two zebras wandering through their suburb on Monday. The animals escaped from the Leesburg Animal Park after a worker, who wasn’t affiliated with the park, left a gate open. The park’s owner said the zebras are back at the park and doing fine. — Watch it at NBC Washington

Dog Shops for His Owner in China

A dog in China has turned into quite the personal shopper. His owner has trained him to carry a basket with a shopping list to local stores, where he collects what he needs and trots back home with the basket in his mouth. The shopkeepers know to look for the dog, and help him fill his order. — Watch it at Today

Thailand Throws a Buffet Bash — for Monkeys

Wild monkeys had something to celebrate at a $16,000 feast hosted at a temple in Thailand. The annual event is meant to attract tourists. Although there’s no word yet on how many humans showed up to watch the primates chow down, but it did attract 2,000 monkeys. — See the photos at the Huffington Post

Plus: New research shows that chimpanzees self-medicate, eating plants that help fight bacteria, tumors, worms and more. —Read it at Discovery News

Cat and deer

Deer Peers Through Glass at Cat

Well, hello deer. A Colorado couple said their cat, Grizzwald, was “meowing up a storm” on Sunday. They found the feline nose-to-nose (through a glass door) with a buck standing on their deck. The buck was with two females — and the deer trio took off when they spotted the people. — Read it at Colorado’s 9 News

Angelina Jolie’s Bulldog Debuts on 60 Minutes

The actress doesn’t want her kids in the spotlight, but she didn’t mind letting her English Bulldog, Jacques, ham it up for the cameras during a 60 Minutes interview in Budapest. — Read it at People Pets, and read about why the Bulldog breed is in trouble

Plus: Actress Anne Hathaway’s chocolate Labrador, Esmeralda, joined Hathaway and her new fiancé, Adam Shulman, for a stroll in a Brooklyn, N.Y., park after they announced their engagement. — See the photo at People Pets