November 4, 2011: We’ve scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos for you to chew on. And it’s all right here.


Rare White Kiwi Fights Back Following Surgery in New Zealand

Manukura is a rare white kiwi — with quite the attitude. The 6-month-old chick survived a heart scare following surgery to remove a stone that was lodged in her gizzard, impeding her ability to eat.

Now the 2-pound, flightless bird is getting back into fighting shape. “You try to grab her and she kind of karate chops you,” said a vet at the Wellington Zoo in New Zealand. “So that’s great, that’s normal kiwi behavior.” The Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre, where she was born, usually raises kiwis and releases them into the wild, but Manukura may stay — unless she puts up a fight. — Read it at Yahoo

Jack the JFK Cat Moves to a New Manhattan Hospital

The missing feline who was finally found when he fell through the ceiling of a customs room at JFK International Airport is still going through extensive medical treatment. Jack the Cat, who was bound for California when he disappeared two months ago, was transferred to a state-of-the-art veterinary facility in Manhattan after undergoing surgery last week to reconstruct tears in his legs. Veterinarians said Jack is in critical but stable condition. — Read it at NBC New York

Humpback whales

Humpback Whales Sneak Up on a Surfer and a Kayaker

In a close encounter caught on video, two massive humpback whales shoot out of the water with their mouths wide open — right near a surfer and a kayaker in Santa Cruz, Calif. — Watch it at KABC

K-9s Are a Key Force Behind Drug Seizures at the Border

A news team in Arizona got an inside look at the dogged canine teams that are working to seize drugs and nab concealed humans at the Mexican border. — Watch it at Valley Central

Animal Welfare Groups Rescue Pets in Thai Floods

Activists from around the world have descended on Thailand to help save dogs and cats who were abandoned when their owners were evacuated from the worst floods that the country has seen in decades. Volunteers are using boats to shuttle domestic animals to shelters in drier parts of the country. — Read it at the Wall Street Journal

Puppy climbs on cat

Puppy Gives a Kitty a Back Massage

This surprisingly tolerant cat hangs around while a puppy climbs onto his back and chews on his ears. — Watch it at the Huffington Post

Dogs Are More Aggressive When Walked by Men

New research on dog walking behavior reveals that canines who are walked by men are four times more likely to threaten or bite another dog. The study also found that pups who were on leashes threatened each other twice as often as dogs who were off-leash. — Read it at Discovery News

Could Florida Become a “No-Kill” State?

A state senator in Florida filed a bill that would help reduce euthanasia in the Sunshine State. The legislation would require any animal control agency or shelter to keep a registry of animal rescue groups that would be willing to take in an animal who was on the euthanasia list. — Read it at the Bradenton Herald

Chuckling Baby Feeds a Dog Cheerios

This baby has discovered the key to winning a dog’s heart: food. She giggles as her patient pal waits for her to dole out the cereal treats. — Watch it at People Pets