November 8, 2011: We’ve scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos for you to chew on. And it’s all right here.

Kitten rescued from LA River

Team Rappels Into the LA River to Save a Kitten

In what reads like a movie scene fit for its Los Angeles backdrop, a team of six animal control officers and a veterinary technician came to the rescue of a kitten stuck in a storm drain that was full of fast-rushing water. Due to the high water level and a lot of debris floating in the LA River, the team was forced to rappel in to save the little kitty. “It was really, really cool,” said a witness who had called for help. — Read it at NBC Los Angeles

Rare Okapi Baby Debuts at the Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo introduced its newest animal baby last week: a 5-month-old okapi named M’bura. The okapi’s only known relative is the giraffe, but it actually looks more like a horse with zebra legs. Okapis are known for being antisocial — even with their own kind — which makes breeding them in captivity a rather difficult process. — See the pictures at The New York Times

Human Diabetes Drug Helps Animals From Developing the Disease

Researchers have discovered that giving the human diabetes drug exendin-4 to newborn animals prevented them from developing diabetes as adults. The discovery could potentially help human infants who are at risk for type 2 diabetes. — Read it at Science Daily

Penguin pair

Toronto Zoo Plans to Separate Bromancing Penguins

Buddy and Pedro may be inseparable, but since the two male African penguins are part of a breeding program at the Toronto Zoo, they’ll soon be separated and paired with females. “It’s a complicated issue, but they seem to be in a loving relationship of some sort,’’ said Joe Torzsok, chair of the Toronto Zoo board. — Read it and watch the video at the Toronto Star

Great Grandmother Reels in 850-Pound Marlin Down Under

Connie Laurie, 85, had quite the battle as she tried to catch a massive black marlin while on a charter fishing boat in Australia. “Only twice did I get lifted out of the seat when it made a run, but I was able to get it right up to the back of the boat before we released it,” Laurie told The Cairns Post. — Read it at The Cairns Post

Wrens Sing a Duet That Sounds More Like a Solo

New research shows that male and female pairs of plain-tailed wrens adjust the timing and pitch of their warbling to make a duet sound like a continuous solo. — Read it at The New York Times

Jumping dog with baby

Bouncing Dog Wants to Play Fetch With a Baby

A small dog does everything in his power to get the attention of a baby lying on a bed — like hopping up and down and even offering a pink ball to entice her. — Watch it at the Huffington Post