If you’ve ever trusted a vet to take care of a beloved pet, you already know that these medical professionals are some of the best people on the planet. Pet insurer Trupanion thought so, too, so they launched a contest over the summer that asked people to nominate the “Tru Hero” vets in their lives.

Out of nearly 100 entries, the winning submission was the story of Dinglehopper, a Pomeranian who it turns out had a puppy mill past — and a lot of health problems, like dry eye and luxating patellas. But thanks to the efforts of the team at Downtown Animal Hospital in Toronto, ON, the pup has led a fulfilling and healthier life. To reward the staff’s true hero actions, the facility was awarded a $500 grand prize to help treat needy pets. Dinglehopper’s owner also received $500 toward her lucky Pom’s care.

As you’d expect, the competition was fierce. Take the tale of finalist Kumbi, an Australian Terrier who died suddenly before making it to the animal hospital. Despite this, a trio of vets at Saseeno Veterinary Services Ltd. kept in touch with Kumbi’s owner — and even helped her adopt a new dog named Camellia. Now that’s what we call true veterinary heroes.

Tell us: Who would you nominate as your own true hero vet and why?