Are you ready for some irresistible little feline faces?

We couldn’t possibly think of a better way to celebrate National Cat Day than this: 10 cute kitten photos submitted by Vetstreet’s Facebook fans.

They’re snuggly, fluffy and just a little bit mischievous. Find your favorite in the gallery below!

This precious kitten was brought into a clinic to be surrendered. Luckily, a loving new owner was right there to step in. "I took her home, bottle-fed her and fell in love!" she told us via Facebook. How could she resist?

"Sweet, sweet Luna" had a mom who wasn't interested in caring for her kittens, says her owner. "I couldn't not pitch in and help, especially with this face!" she wrote. "She's got the sweetest personality and loves everyone who meets her. I couldn't have asked for a better kitten."

Buddy likes to spend his days playing with his family's two other cats, and his nights cuddling with his owners. He's described as "the nicest cat to be around."

When they were found alone in a neighbor's backyard as kittens, these two brothers, now 18 months old, joined a family with two rescued female cats. All of the family's cats are named for characters on the TV show Rescue Me, because one of their owners is a firefighter. Garrity, left, gives hugs to his humans, and Silletti, right, is a social butterfly.

Cute brothers Dean and Jerry were part of a litter of five (with no mom in sight) found in a shed. Now they live in a loving home — and they clearly love each other!

Just a few weeks ago, little Dora was quiet and shy. But, now her owner says she "runs rings" around the family's other cats.

Felix, who's about 6 weeks old in this picture, is now 6 months old. "I did all of the caretaking, litterbox training — everything," writes his owner. "Yet, he still loves my husband the most. Go figure!"

Josey, who's the newest adopted kitten in her family, looks like she's ready to play!

Mittens was adopted by her family two years ago. "She was so tiny when we got her, and she's grown into a wonderful young lady!" her owner writes.

We see you, Tigger! This cute little guy started being mischievous early, his owner tells us.
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